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In Belgium, lawyers receive a compensation for provided services and administrative costs (for example correspondence, transport, telephone calls)


Administrative costs consist 25 percent of the hourly fee.


Our fee is based on following criteria:
According to the hourly rate : between 100-130 euro/hour


Working hours committed at the case will be recorded in the administrative system of the office.

At first request of the client, an overview of the working hours will be given. The client receives a provision for the case. At closure of the case, the client receives a global fee.

The hourrate can be raised in case of emergency, in case of complication or in cases that require a specific technical knowledge.

Our rates are subjected of VAT (21 percent at fees and costs, with the possibiltiy of legal exemption)


According to the significance of the case
In specific cases, the office can calculate a fee based on a percentage of the total amount of the claim. The compensation needs to be payed in advance or in part-payment.


Fixed amount for a case
In some cases (for example criminal law, divorce, traffic violations), our office calculates a fixed, sole payable amount at the start of the case.
In the form of a fixed amount or an hourly rate for firms who use or services on a regulary base.


First consultation

Every consultation needs to be reimbursed.
There is a possibility of consultation by phone.

For detailed information of our rates, feel free to contact our office.


The office does not offer legal assistance (pro bono)